Say the beracha of yam hagadol!

Come to Gibraltar and say the Beracha of Yam Hagadol at the coming together of the two seas, the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. Bereshit Rabbah 23:7 R.Abahu learned: The Ocean is higher than the whole world. R.Elazar ben Menahem said to him this not explicitly stated in a verse, “He calleth for the waters of …

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Historical Currencies

Historical Currencies

As part of our Tour, aside from showing you important places of interest within Gibraltar, I add my knowledge of what Historical Currencies were used at different times and what and from where goods were acquired aside from many other interesting things and I promise to interest but not overwhelm !!!!


Gibraltar (Jebel Tariq)

The North and Eastern side of the Rock of Gibraltar. The Eastern side had seen Tariq ibn Zagid sailing his Ships and Troops (from Morocco) under its cover, so as not to be seen by the Christian troops garrisoned in Algeciras. Tariq eventually landed on what today is the Airport and with his troops and …

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Website Launched

Today, we’ve just launched our shiny new website. We plan to provide you with the best service possible and offer world class tours of Gibraltar and Andalucia. Service with a smile!   Please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries.

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