Gibraltar – Half Day Synagogue Walking Tour



Gibraltar – Half Day Synagogue Walking Tour Itinerary:

A walk around town starting from Casemates through Irish Town. Leading to the Piazza, where you get a complete history of the Square, how it was called Jews Market. You also get the History of the City Hall and the Cardozo connection.  You then visit the Mario Finlayson Art Gallery, with works from Jacob Azagury, a famed  Jewish Artist. This is followed by The Guard House where you can buy books and Souvenirs. From there, you go to the Shaar Hashamayim Synagogue and get the complete local History . From there, you go to Bomb House Lane and Nefusot Yehudah Synagogue where the tour ends.

To add a visit to the Gibraltar Museum please contact us for the extra fee.

Price is listed per person. Price based on a minimum of 9 People.

10 and above would come to £7.50 per hour.

Total tour takes 2 hours

For large groups please contact us.


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