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History of the Rock On the Rock of Gibraltar, the past is a living reality. Colourful ceremonial events such as the Changing of the Guard and the Ceremony of the Keys are performed exactly as they have been for centuries.  In the Gibraltar Museum – strategically positioned over one of the finest fourteenth century Moorish […]

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Gibraltar Jewish Tours & Travel

Gibraltar Jewish Tours & Travel – Get the insiders view by a local guide

Gibraltar Jewish Tours
Gibraltar Jewish Travel

A visit to Gibraltar has become a must for the many yearly tourists arriving by Land, Sea & Air. The Rock has always been a stopping  point for people traveling to other continents or choosing it as a home and settling down. It is a wonderful holiday destination in of itself and makes Gibraltar Jewish Tours the go-to solution!

What has attracted people to Gibraltar has been, among other things, its History. This spans from the Neanderthal right through to the Phoenicians, Carthaginian, Arabs, Spanish and finally British. Throughout the Arab, Spanish and British control of the Rock, we find a presence of a Jewish Settlement on the Rock.

In the past few years as a seasoned guide, I have found many people who are truly interested in this subject, therefore, I’ve decided to make this my livelihood and I started Gibraltar Jewish Tours.

I invite you to come and enjoy the sites and the living History from myself a Researcher and Historian on the subject. You are guaranteed to have a unforgettable and memorable trip from a local.

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